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Hedge Trimming Mortlake

Before and After Hedge TrimmingHedges need to be kept in shape to be the proper size and density to ensure privacy and don’t get out of hand. We can offer you our effective hedge trimming services to maintain the bushes and hedgerows in your property.

Our gardeners use powerful and efficient electric trimmers and sharp shears to cut hedge branches and leaves and encourage the growth of the plants. We guarantee you great results of the hedge trimming which we offer in Mortlake SW14 to owners of domestic and commercial estates.

Effective Hedge Trimming Mortlake

Gardening ServicesPrices
Lawn Mowing £45 /h
Hedge Trimming £45 /h
Tree Pruning on request

If you use our hedge trimming services regularly you will get:

  • Better looking and properly shaped bushes and hedgerows
  • Once or several times in the year cutting of your hedges
  • Proper cares for the bushes in your property depending on their specie
  • Consultation and help on many gardening works
  • Clearance and disposal of the garden wastes

Our gardeners use powerful and effective shears and trimmers to reduce the height and size of overgrown and shapeless hedges. They can provide formative and ongoing trimming to make the plant to the desired shape. We guarantee you that you will have thick and compact bushes and hedgerows as a result of our gardeners’ work.

“I have never before used a hedge trimming service. I have always trimmed them on my own, but I switched jobs and now I do not have the time. I hired your hedge trimming service last month and I was very pleased with the results. I will definitely call you again, it turns out it is nice to have someone do that for me. ” – Patrice

Hedge Maintenance SW14

Hedge Maintenance SW14Use our hedge trimming services regularly and the outdoor areas in your property, based in Mortlake, will look impeccably. We work seven days in the week for our customers’ convenience. Use our gardening services to improve the appearance and state of your plants and outdoor areas.

If your hedges are overgrown and you need help with the gardening work use our affordable services. We offer a number of gardening services including effective hedge trimming in SW14 London which bring great results. Contact our call centre or online chat to schedule the inspection of your garden and outdoor areas.

Our services are some of the best which you can find in London and they will save your plants from fading, overgrowing and improper cares. Our gardeners can consult you how to look after each plant you have. They will clear the area from the created cuttings and wastes.